THE WESTIN HOTEL SINGAPORE – You’ve got one of the most and newest Business Luxury Stay for your business trip to Singapore. Located in the most high profile area of Marina Bay, you’ve got all you need at Westin Hotel Singapore

Last day in Singapore was all about business, lavish, and I just want to ride MRT to get me wherever I want, magically it’s only 3-minutes walk to the Downtown MRT. The Westin Hotel Singapore practically rest inside the high-rise building Asia Square Tower 2, and Yes, you will greet by the staff at the building lobby to take care of your stuff, but the hotel lobby is in level 32, laying there with the lounge and bar, with its sophisticated style, I was imagining night with some drinks and maybe a little about business talk. You will be literally on top, and at that point, philosophically it’s kinda of achieving something right? I mean you always want to achieved higher

With their 305 spacious rooms, like totally spacious, its offer you with sea or city view (obviously), in some of their rooms, you will get both, moreover bathroom with a view. Just like in their rooftop swimming pool, if you see the city view in front of you, the sea view and the sunrise will be on your right side, so it will be relaxing if you manage yourself to do morning swimming like I did that morning, after some morning coffee and newspaper in my room. If you got more time, believe me, that there always a good time for a morning jog, I have read and been told about The Westin Hotel Singapore program with New Balance, if you forget about your running shoes, you can ask about it at the concierge desk at The Westin Hotel Singapore.

Where is the area you can explore? you can explore Marina Bay, or get yourself to the famous Merlion statue, and enjoy your breakfast within the area. So yes, this is what I call, business trip in a healthy lifestyle, like Westin, always say, BE WELL!

Read the original & more photos at Deluxshionist’s Review The Westin Hotel Singapore


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