NEWS: Bistro C at Canggu Club is about to Get Smokin’ Hot!

NEWS: Bistro C at Canggu Club is about to Get Smokin’ Hot! – Word has it on the ‘Gu grapevine that there are exciting new changes about to happen at Bistro C, Canggu Club and from all accounts, we can guarantee that things are set to sizzle!

But, before you freak out, be rest assured that Bistro C’s delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunch menus will continue to deliver those healthy, light style meals you have all grown to love. However, it’s their dinner menu that is out with the vegans and in with the meat lovers.

That’s right. Think outback steak house with a combination of Texan flare. We’re talking smokey beef cooked slow and low, succulent spare ribs that simply fall off the bone and suckling pig smoked over twelve hours to offer perhaps the tastiest pulled pork you’ll ever try on the island! Mouth watering much? Well, there’s more in store!

Bistro C Smokehouse is set to become a mecca for meat eaters. With its emphasis on smoked meats, slow braises, and char grilled seafood; the goal is to get people together to enjoy food, family, and friends, sharing dishes, sides and sticky fingers!

Their menu is also ideal for smaller appetites too with a selection of starters and light ‘grazing’ choices, perfect as a snack to watch the sports or tide you over! Raw food fanatics will adore the Black Angus Beef Carpaccio, Spicy Tuna or Tasmanian Salmon Tartar too.

And if you struggle to choose just one tasty meal to order, Chef Ben’s tasting platter gives diners the opportunity to sample several of the succulent cuts and cooking styles from the menu. This plate (like many others on the menu) are designed with the intentions that sharing is caring, but with delicious food like this, it will be hard to share.

Even more, surprises await diners in-house as daily specials will be presented at the table as another option to the menu and the bar will boast a range of specialty cocktails set to match your mood and menu choice.

And while all this sounds irresistible, last but not least, the beauty of Bistro C’s new Smokehouse menu allows you to select the sides you wish to accompany your main meal with. Choose from coleslaw, crushed sweet potatoes, crunchy broccoli salad, mash or mac ’n’ cheese. How’s that for comfort food?

Now it’s time to countdown the days, hours and seconds until the smokehouse opens its doors & we’re able to indulge in their peppery Bloody Mary. The perfect complement to a Carpaccio!

Set for a soft opening mid-February, Bistro C Smokehouse is on track to tantalize your taste buds and the entirely new concept should be in full swing by March! The Smoker is ready, the rotisseries are on and all you’ll need to do is follow your nose to find out what fabulous flavors await at Bali’s newest culinary concept. Open to the public from 5 pm daily, Canggu Club Platinum, Gold and Silver members receive a generous 50% discount on beverages after 5 pm.




Located at Canggu Club

Jalan Canggu Club, Canggu, Bali

Ph: +62 (361) 848 3939




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Facebook        : BistroCBali

Instagram       : @BistroCBali

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