REVIEW ALEENTA LUXURY RESORT & SPA PHUKET – I feel like in the right place but at the wrong time, I landed in Phuket International Airport around 8 PM something and welcomed by heavy rain, definitely hungry because I spent almost an hour on immigration line, I was thinking wow Phuket I can’t wait to feel you. But first let get something to eat, a junk food.

Then I realized that there was someone from Aleenta Luxury Resort Spa Phuket, with my name on the board waiting for me at the arrival gate. I saw a young beautiful lady looks a bit confused searching for Ms. Herdiana Surachman, I smiled from a distance, and try to grab my passport lol I was afraid she won’t believe that I am actually a guy. I approached her then said “Hi I am actually a guy”, she looked at her board and say sorry about it but she made sure that I am heading to Aleenta “Yes, I’ll stay at Aleenta”. Although there was still rain falling, I wish the title error will eliminate existing fatigue, we both laugh.

In a car, she gives me a refreshing towel, a bottle of water, and a box of chocolate, a simple welcoming happiness, not only that she gave me a drink menu, I asked to choose one as my welcome drink once I arrived at the resort (classy). No, if you are thinking she was driving, no there was a driver but a he was a focus on his driving. I think this is sort of their safety standard when the guest arrived at night there will be 2 staffs pick you up at the airport. Whatever it is, that was my BEST airport pick up ever, yes this is not even your country, arrived at night and it’s rain, but I feel safe. Thank you Aleenta 🙂



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