REVIEW LUXURY MONTIGO RESORT NONGSA – I barely can’t decide the cover but this is a hidden gem for so many Indonesian, because it is only 40 minutes ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore, that’s why Montigo Resort Nongsa is more familiar with Singaporean market even South Korean than (let’s say) Jakarta. Why? besides it needs another trip to reach Batam, Jakartans still love the party than the calm and tranquil place like this, we can compare Kuta/Seminyak with Ubud when most Jakartans will satisfy their desire of nightlife at of course Kuta or Seminyak. When it’s hard to Imagine partying on the night under of Ubud sky, but it is something possible to do at Montigo, more to make your own group private party, 8 people or more at Tiigo Bar while doing a night swimming at the main pool, now you can imagine that?

Batam Island, Kepulauan Riau province standing gorgeously 88 villas with 3-levels each and all heading to the South China Sea on the 12-Hectare tropical land of West Indonesia. I can’t help myself to call it a little Santorini, but no, Montigo Resort Nongsa has its own complexity and uniqueness. One resort that I know has 3-levels in each Villa.

1st Level is Living Room, kitchen, dinner table & private pool
2nd Level is Master Bedroom and Secondary Bedroom and Bathroom Bathtub
3rd Level is All white dreamy rooftop

My first impression of Montigo was the very open air reservation area, nice friendly staff (absolutely, there is even a guest recognition staff, this is a good idea to make everyone feels welcome and special during the stay at Montigo) and salty air were welcoming us at the Villa.

Very spacious living room and bedroom that feels so modern yet so humble and homey. One of the best bathtub ever with surprisingly only 2-bottles of bubble bath by Argan to make it work and nice relaxing bath of the night :). More on Montigo Resort Nongsa Vol. 2

We are talking about dinner if you’re lucky there is dinner at the beach when mostly it happens at Pantai Restaurant with the eastern menu or you can bring BBQ set to the villa. With very fresh meat and seafood to grilled at our Villa, this is the way you close the night with fully happy tummy and great conversation. More at BBQ in Villa at Montigo Resort…

Something that I love from Montigo Spa is whether the concept of the villa is modern minimalist but the Spa is still manifesting to the very tropical and traditional architectural with bamboo, dry leaf and nothing too much work to the Spa pools, I bet you can spend hours here.
I tried Montigo Massage, with the very interesting composition on every essentials oil that used by Montigo Spa. More on Spa at Montigo Resort Nongsa…

Do not question me about Breakfast, it’s buffet it’s major buffet. Not only a buffet but it is ready to eat stand such as Sayur Laksa, Lontong, Mie Goreng, Bakso etc mostly are traditional dishes. Breakfast by the pool, sea. fresh air, and the birds. More on Breakfast at Montigo Resort…

I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to enjoy my ride through the best spot of Batam; Jembatan Barelang, Dragon fruits farm orchard, The great temple of Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya and Shopping mall (I suggest you visit Batam Center Mall). More on Batam City Tour…

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